Bali and the Komodo dragons


Here we are heading into the last leg of our 6 month tour of south east Asia, and a place we are really excited about. It seems like we’ve brought the luck of the weather with us as there was an earthquake just hours before we landed, you just couldn’t write it.

fortunately no one was hurt and it didn’t cause us any problems.  Continue reading Bali and the Komodo dragons


Our itinerary for the Philippines takes us from Manila to Coron and El nido, both of which are in Palawan. From there we fly to Cebu, with stops in Moalboal, Oslob and Bohol before returning to Manila. Continue reading Philippines


The Islands.

We managed to cram in lots of islands during our 30 days in Thailand with Koh Mook and Ko Tao being our favourites. 

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What you can find in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city, a place we thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to all who plan a visit to Thailand. If you are lucky enough to be in Thailand for Sonkran ( Thai New Year ) this is a great place to experience it.
With such a massive abundance of activities here, there is something for everyone in all weather conditions. Continue reading What you can find in Chiang Mai


You can either grab a taxi if you are familiar with Uber or Grabcar which can be as little as 12 ruphys (£2.00) from Buket Bintang. Or you can get the monorail to Sentral station and walk. Continue reading Finding the Perdana botanical gardens in Kuala Lumpur

What to do in Bangkok


Bangkok, or Bangko as we have been told to pronounce it by the locals, is pretty much a hub for everyone visiting Thailand, whether it’s the 1st stop or a pit stop between destinations… you’re almost certain to find yourselves here at some point. So what is there to do in the city that seems to have a love it or hate it relationship with tourists? Continue reading What to do in Bangkok

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On our 1st trip to Asia one of the things high on the bucketlist was to spend time with / ride elephants, however we heard many people say how you shouldn’t ride them. With Danes sister being an avid horse rider we decided to do some research on why its so bad to ride a 8/9ft 4 tonne beast but its ok to ride a 5/6ft 1 tonne horse. Continue reading Why you shouldn’t ride Elephants